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Multi-Generational Network
What is it?  
A network of helpers of all ages that benefits families and individuals of all ages, enhancing the quality of life in Carderock Springs.  We are an 'old-fashioned' community where people actually know their neighbors and offer support as needed. 

In the planning stages, Fall 2008.
Update February 2010:  During the astonishing double-blizzard of February 2010 when we received over 3 feet of snow and many homes lost power for days, this network of Carderock residents rose to the occassion when all ages clearly needed a variety of assistance.  Neighbors helped neighbors and the Swim & Tennis Clubhouse was even opened for those needing electricity, warm food, or just a warm place to be with others! 

How was the need for this network identified?
A 2008 survey circulated in both the CSCA and the Club’s newsletters indicated interest in such an initiative.   Sixty-nine survey responses show that many of us are willing to be called upon to help each other in an emergency or on an occasional basis and that fewer than expected foresee the need for help at present, although many anticipated such a need. 

Other purposes of this group?
Encourage those not presently linked online to take computer classes and assist them as they begin to use the computer.   They would then have access to helpful information such as the neighborhood list of recommended contractors.

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