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Welcome to the Carderock Springs Citizens' Association, a neighborhood group in Bethesda, Maryland.  We are NOT the Swim & Tennis Club (clubhouse, pools, tennis courts).  Membership in one does not include membership in the other.

Carderock Springs is a neighborhood with covenants which govern your property.  If you are modifying the exterior of your home, you will need to obtain approval from the Architectural Review Committee, which has ARC Design Guidelines.   If you are thinking of removing a tree, please consult the Tree Removal Guidelines.
   CSCA Traffic Safety Committee Update:

As of January 24, 2017 - The current DOT design for islands is now 18-inches wide and 6-inches high with mountable curbs.  Please see the photo below of an island with mountable curbs.  Also, bump-outs are no longer an option.  The three viable options are:  18-inch wide islands with mountable curbs, pavement markings, and possibly speed cameras.  Lastly, pending survey results, the DOT is willing to install "trial" islands first, before pouring any concrete.  A second survey would then be conducted.

Our CSCA Traffic Safety Committee has linked the following resources for your convenience:

1a.       The  
"Traffic Safety Measures Comparison" for Fenway Road as of January 24, 2017.  It is a working summary to date of our collaborative efforts with the DOT and the MC Police.  It includes the viable and non-viable options for traffic safety measures and the reasons why or why not they are in their respective categories.  Also, it includes an analysis of the safety effectiveness, parking impacts, and driveway/landscaping/trees impacts of the various viable options.

1b.  "Frequently Asked Questions" for Fenway Road as of January 10, 2017
2.       The "key" to the April and October 2016 MCDOT traffic studies linked below

3.       The April 2016 MCDOT traffic study on Fenway Road (SB - southbound)

4.       The April 2016 MCDOT traffic study on Fenway Road (NB - northbound)

The October 2016 MCDOT traffic study on Fenway Road (SB - southbound)
7.       The DOT Presentation from our CSCA meeting on Oct. 17, 2016

8.       The "Traffic Safety Committee" Presentation from our CSCA meeting on Oct. 17, 2016

9.       Photo of MC Police speed camera

10.     Photo of island with mountable curbs in Bethesda

11.     MCDOT's concept sketch of proposed 18-inch wide islands on Fenway Road

12.     MCDOT's concept sketches of proposed pavement markings on Fenway Road

13.       The FHWA report on traffic calming's objectives and issues 

14.       The FHA and ITE report titled 
"Traffic Calming:  State of the Practice"

Note:  The DOT presentation from October 17th listed above was presented by Emily Wolanin, the Deputy Directory of the DOT and Kyle Liang of the DOT.  

Per the DOT website:  "Resident concurrence and citizen association endorsement will be required prior to implementation of a plan."  Therefore, this committee will conduct a neighborhood survey to gather opinions of Carderock residents in early 2017.  Once the survey results are captured, the CSCA will share them with the community, the DOT, and the police.  Thank you for your support!  

The Traffic Safety Committee (Julie Weber, Karen Roman, Bill Moore, and Bill Draper)


   You may qualify for a tax credit by applying to the Maryland Historical Trust because Carderock Springs is a designated historic community!

You can pay Annual Dues online with Paypal!
2017 Annual Dues for the Citizens Association: $51.80/family via Paypal: 
Pay my Citizen Association dues to cscatreas @ gmail .com by clicking on Paypal's  Buy Now button below
You can also pay for  Annual Dues ($50/family) by making your check payable to Carderock Springs Citizens Association and mailing it to Box 237, Cabin John MD 20818.

 2017 HOUSE and GARDEN TOUR  date to be announced.
See the creative ways your neighbors have modified their homes and the benefits of the Architectural Review Committee. 

Stormwater presentation by U of Maryland's Amanda Rockler.  Carderock-specific information starts on page 30 of this useful 87 page pdf file from her November 2014 discussion of our watershed.  Practical solutions include rain gardens, rain barrels, etc.


Carderock Neighbors have Campouts nearby in MD and VA! 
Carderock has Campouts usually twice a year!  Families in Carderock join together for an overnight Campout in a local beautiful wooded campsite either along the Potomac River just two miles from our neighborhood or other nearby gem. Campfire, tenting, fishing, and a hike awaits you. Roast hot dogs and marshmallows with old and new friends.
New to the neighborhood? Come and get to know your neighbors! Would you like to learn something about camping? Experienced and new campers are welcome. Soccer games that day? Late afternoon arrival is fine. Campouts are free to Carderock Springs residents and are sponsored by the Carderock Springs Citizens Association. Many thanks to Carderock resident Eric Nothman for organizing periodic campouts!  Questions?  Contact

We are a vibrant community where residents actually know each other, which can be unusual in transient DC.  Social events are held periodically at the Clubhouse of the swim & tennis club.  View photos from the Feb 2013 Community Potluck to Welcome Newcomers, where children made valentines while adult newcomers enjoyed meeting residents and other newcomers.  Many thanks to all, including Welcome Chairperson Mary Lou Shannon, CSCA Event Planners Joe and Olga Tobin, CSCA President Phil Rider, photographer Amy Moore, and resident Francesco Marra who ensured we had wine from his Rockville restaurant Oro Pomodoro!

In Fall 2012, Carderock enjoyed its 50th Anniversary with a celebration at the Club which included a video and slide show of the early Carderock days of 1962, a live Skype session with developer Edmund Bennett to thank him, live music with Carderock's local band HusBand, plus tasty food.  Bennett's son Bruce reviewed his father's vision:  homes that are of instead of on the land, streets and lots which flow with the topography instead of forced into a checkerboard pattern, buried utility lines instead of unsightly poles, plus Situated Modernism homes with simple lines and plenty of natural light.  Citizen Association President Phil Rider spoke in a heartfelt way what we all feel:  when arriving home to Carderock, we enter not only a peaceful wooded sanctuary but also a community that accepts and thrives upon our diversity. 

One of the many messages from the community summed up the 50th Anniversary celebration:

          "That was a wonderful party last night with great spirit.  I was still smiling when we walked home.  The Skype, new pavilion, people, food, music, and details like our name and address tags, all made it special.  Thanks to everyone who worked so hard and made it look classy, seamless, and easy."

Architects Keyes Condon & Lethbridge;   Clubview model;   Developer Edmund Bennett in the Mad Men era, early 1960s 

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