Welcome to Carderock Springs

Carderock Springs is a vibrant community located in Bethesda, Maryland, featuring distinctive modern architecture, a mature green landscape, and a community spirit where residents know each other, support our great local schools, and connect with a variety of social activities. Summers are always active at our Clubhouse and Swim & Tennis Club.

Carderock Springs appears on the National Register of Historic Places as a prime example of Mid-Century Modern/Situated Modernism Architecture — a style where modern houses complement and blend in with the natural landscape. Opened in 1962, it's long been featured in consumer and professional publications as an excellent example of both modern design and environmental stewardship. 

If you're modifying the exterior of your home, you'll need approval from the Architectural Review Committee, which has ARC Design GuidelinesCovenants govern all properties. Because the natural environment is so integral to the neighborhood's appeal, we also have Tree Removal Guidelines.

Progressive Dinner -- aka "Mobile Dinner Party"

Sunday, April 7, 2019, cocktail party starts at 5 p.m. 

No, it's not a dinner to discuss Medicare for All. It's Carderock's yearly "mobile dinner party." 

The evening starts at 5 p.m., with a welcome cocktail and an appetizer course at the home of event chairman Craig Stoltz. 

From there, groups of 6 to 8 fan out to different hosts' houses for an entree, then to another house for dessert. 

It's a wonderful time, very different from other Carderock events -- a great chance to spend relaxed time with neighbors old and new, enjoying conversation, wine, and a delicious, inevitably eclectic 3-course meal.

Sound intriguing? Details on the Events & Activities page. 

The Carderock Springs Citizens Association

Important! Time to confirm your community directory information and pay your annual dues! Details here.

The Carderock Springs Citizens' Association (CSCA) is a membership group representing the civic interests of homeowners. Activities include enforcing our covenants, supporting upkeep of common areas, hosting community discussions of issues, and sponsoring social events. We publish a neighborhood directory, a periodic newsletter, and this website.  The Board of Directors meets monthly, with semi-annual meetings to discuss community-wide ongoing issues and projects.  Annual dues are $50 per family. 

Note: The CSCA is not the Carderock Swim & Tennis Club — the clubhouse, pools, tennis courts, and surrounding facilities. Membership in CSCA doesn't include membership in the club. Visit the Swim & Tennis Club website. 


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Carderock Snapshot

Developer Edmund Bennett brought his vision of a modern suburban community to Carderock Springs, with the first homes going up for sale in 1962. Residents today are stewards of that vision.

Developer Edmund Bennett in the Mad Men era, early 1960s
Developer Edmund Bennett in the Mad Men era, early 1960s


Architects Keyes Condon & Lethbridge
Architects Keyes Condon & Lethbridge


Modern interiors showcased in the "Clubview" model
Modern interiors showcased in the "Clubview" model