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Our Landscape & Tree Removal

Carderock's designation as an Historic District is partly due to the way the homes are placed in the landscape, a style known as "Situated Modernism."

Our natural setting and canopy of mature trees are not only sources of pride and beauty in our community. They're resources we're committed to protect.    

In most cases, tree removal is acceptable in Carderock Springs. But our covenants require approval, by a representative of the Carderock Springs Citizens Association, before removing certain trees. 

Tree removal

  • Trees requiring approval before removal include any mature hardwood tree over 12 inches in diameter (measured at chest level), unless dead or diseased.
  • A hardwood is a broadleaved tree that loses its leaves in autumn, such as the oak, beech, or maple. A softwood tree, which may be cut down without approval, is an evergreen like a pine or cedar. 
  • Under Maryland law, all tree work be done by a licensed arborist.

Dead or diseased trees: 

  • Please consult with a licensed arborist to confirm that a tree is diseased or dead before removing it.
  • Generally, a tree is dead when it has lost the ability to bear leaves. 
  • A diseased tree is one where 50% or more of the tree exhibits obvious sign of disease, or which a licensed arborist determines cannot be saved. 
  • If a tree seems sick or weak, a tree expert may be able to recommend solutions other than cutting the tree down. 

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