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Board of Directors


Jack Orrick President CSCApres@gmail.com
(vacant) Vice President CSCAvp@gmail.com
Maja Husar, Ashkan Malayeri Co-Secretary  
Ashish Goel Treasurer CSCAtreas@gmail.com
Bill Draper Membership Secretary CSCAcardinfo@gmail.com
Sue Eastman Member-at-Large  
Katalin Roth Member-at-Large  
Meaghan Curry Member-at-Large  


Contact the board: You can also email the board itself at cscaBoardDir@gmail.com

Committees and Liaison Representatives

Tree Removal Committee:  Nancy Everett, Chair. Contact: CSCAtree@gmail.com. For information on tree removal, visit this page. 

Architectural Review Committee:  Doug Soe-Lin, Scott Wilets, Sandy Silverman, Katherine Stifel, and Sue Eastman (liaison). Contact: CSCAarc@gmail.com . For information on improving your home, visit this page.

Club Liaison:  Larry Ondrejko, CarderockClub@verizon.net 

Environmental Committee:  Diane Karlik, Chair.  CSCAenv@gmail.com

Events Committee:  Kimberly Carlins, Chair. CSCAevent@gmail.com

Membership Secretary:  Bill Draper, CSCAcardinfo@gmail.com

Newsletter Editor:  Margie Orrick, CSCAnewsletter@gmail.com 

Website: Margie Orrick, CSCAwebmaster@gmail.com

Welcoming Committee:  Kimberly Carlins, Karen Ringo.  CSCAwelcome@gmail.com

Liaisons to the Montgomery County Quiet Skies Coalition: Diane Karlik, CSCAenv@gmail.com

Liaison to the Beltway Expansion Noise and Air Quality Task Force: Diane Karlik


Looking for information on the Carderock Springs Pool/Swim & Tennis Club? Find it here.