Board of Directors


Jack Orrick President
Tom Deyo Vice President
Tim Williams Secretary
Svitlana Sweat Treasurer
Bill Draper Member-at-Large
Petra Jacobs Member-at-Large
Stefan LoBuglio Member-at-Large
Jenny Spreitzer Member-at-Large  
Julie Weber Member-at-Large 

Committees and Liaison Representatives

Tree Removal Committee:  Nancy Everett, Cheryl Glaessner and Linda Stocker. Contact: For information on tree removal, visit this page. 

Architectural Review Committee:  Doug Soe-Lin, Scott Wilets, Katherine Stifel, and Sue Eastman (liaison). Contact: For information on improving your home, visit this page.

Club Liaison:  Larry Ondrejko, 

Environmental Committee:  Diane Karlik, Chair.

Events Committee:  Craig Stoltz, Chair.

Membership Database Manager:  Stephanie Land,

Newsletter Editor:  Margie Orrick, 

Website Committee, Chair:  Margie Orrick,

Welcoming Committee:  Leanne Long Chair.

Note that the Carderock Springs Citizens' Association (this site) is not the Swim and Tennis Club!  Each of these two groups has annual dues, a separate Board of Directors, separate newsletters, and various activities.  Membership in one group does not include membership in the other group.


Citizens' Association:


Carderock Springs Sign


The Carderock Springs Citizens' Association (CSCA) is a neighborhood association for the Carderock Springs community.

Swim and Tennis Club:



The Carderock Springs Swim and Tennis Club (CSSC) is a club with a clubhouse, pools, tennis courts, etc. and is focused on activities at the clubhouse and surrounding grounds.