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Carderock History & Historic Status

Carderock Springs debuted in 1962. With 400 houses, built by visionary developer Edmund Bennett and designed by leading Washington, D.C. architects Keyes, Lethbridge & Condon,  it's one of the region's best-known examples of Mid-Century Modern community design, renowned for its clean designs, open floor plans, and living spaces that open to the outdoors. 

Historical documents:

In 2009 the neighborhood was officially listed on the National Park Service's National Register of Historic Places as a prime example of "situated modernism," an architectural style where the built environment is gracefully integrated into the natural surroundings.

The nomination process began in 2004 when the Maryland Historic Trust (MHT) asked two University of Maryland professors to document "modernism" in Montgomery County.  Their 2005 report formed the basis for the nomination. Inclusion in the National Register is an honor for the community. 

See the Maryland Historic Trust's page on Carderock Springs.